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6 Best Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks to Improve Gut Health

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Remedy Apple Cider Vinegar Sparkling Water

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There are numerous health benefits associated with drinking apple cider vinegar routinely. ACV advocates swear that a quick shot of apple cider vinegar taken daily will improve digestion and gut health, relieve gas, strengthen your immune system and regulate blood sugar. But the taste is harsh for many — it is vinegar after all — and drinking it straight could actually damage the enamel on your teeth.

bottles of apple cider vinegar drinks on table

These flavored Apple Cider Vinegar drinks make downing the healthy elixir a whole lot more pleasant. 

David Watsky/CNET

If you want the potential benefits of apple cider vinegar without having to drink it straight, there’s a lineup of tasty apple cider vinegar beverages and sweetened shots to ease you into that healthy ACV lifestyle. These apple cider vinegar-based beverages are mixed with fresh fruit juice, honey and ginger — also known for having health benefits — and are meant to be enjoyed, not endured. 

I tried six of them, including an ACV sparkling water, a few fruit juice blends and some premixed vinegar shots. Below you’ll find the best sippers and shooters for getting your daily fix of apple cider vinegar without offending your teeth or tastebuds.

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Best apple cider vinegar drinks

Braggs refreshers contain apple cider vinegar along with juice, lemon and other natural ingredients to create a refreshing beverage anchored by healthy apple cider vinegar. The beverages come in four flavors, but I liked the lemon ginger refresher best. The 40-calorie refreshers taste a lot like kombucha and are best consumed cold or poured over ice.

From Bragg’s website, Refreshers cost about $5 or $6 each, but you can bag a four-pack for $12.40 on Walmart.com.

I’m a massive sparkling water drinker so it’s no surprise that I connected with this ACV drink. It’s lighter and less intense than Bragg’s Refreshers. The sweetness of the blood orange and a bit of stevia helps to offset the tartness of the vinegar. 

ACV is the second ingredient after water in this 5-calorie beverage, but this balanced sparkling drink is one I could see myself happily downing every day.  If you’re a habitual seltzer drinker, you’ll likely find it easy to incorporate into your daily routine too.

This fun and flashy line of low-calorie sodas is marketed as aiding in digestive health and boasts apple cider vinegar as the third ingredient after water and cane sugar. Poppi prebiotic sodas come in several flavors; I tried lemon-strawberry and ginger-lime and found both delicious. The ACV flavor is tamer than in some of the other beverages I tried, and with 4 grams of sugar, the sodas aren’t too sweet and have just 25 calories.

A 12-pack of Poppi’s healthier ACV sodas costs $24 on Amazon or $11 for a four-pack at Target.

If you prefer to down your ACV in one gulp, there are premixed apple cider vinegar-based shots to try. Remedy’s version is intended to aid in digestion and contains apple cider vinegar, prebiotic zinc and vitamin D along with ginger, honey and cayenne pepper to balance the tart flavor.

A 12-pack of 2-ounce shots goes for $50 on Remedy’s website. 

Bragg has a line of ACV shots available in several flavor combos. All of them are pretty tasty, but the carrot-ginger and pineapple-cayenne were my personal favorites. The 20-calorie shots are sweetened with organic honey and fruit juice and go down smoother than rum punch in July. A pack of four 2-ounce shots costs about $11 on Bragg’s website or $12 on Amazon.

If you want your ACV with an extra shot of immune-boosting vitamins, try Emergen-C’s daily immune support packets with added botanicals for energy. Each 35-calorie packet contains 260mg of dehydrated ACV. It’s unclear if powdered ACV is as potent as vinegar in its liquid form, but the powdered elixir contains loads of vitamins C, B-6 and B-12, so it certainly can’t hurt to slug one mixed with water during cold and flu season. 

These drink mixes taste OK but were my least favorite of the bunch. I missed the punch of fresh juice and tartness that comes with the other beverages on this list. A package of 18 packets is $12 on Amazon.

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