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Keep Your Laptop Cooler Than Ever With The llano RGB Laptop Cooling Pad


  • Quick cooling
  • 300 to 2,800 fan speed
  • Simple controls and setup
  • Memory setting feature


  • Risers don’t have silicone grips
  • Fan can get loud on higher settings

Power users, video editors, streamers, and especially gamers, know that laptops get hot quickly. All that extra heat wreaks havoc on your CPU, GPU, hard drive, etc. Basically, your laptop’s aging faster than it should. But the llano RGB Laptop Cooling Pad is like an anti-aging device, keeping your laptop cool, no matter what you throw at it.

This is a sponsored article and was made possible by llano. The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author, who maintains editorial independence even when a post is sponsored.

Built-in Laptop Fans Don’t Do Much

Yes, laptops have built-in fans, but they’re only designed to handle so much. Of course, you could just use a simple laptop stand to provide better airflow, but I can tell you from experience, that’s not always enough.

As a power user myself, it’s not unusual for me to have dozens of tabs open: Spotify streaming, several Word documents, an Excel spreadsheet, an image editor, and even YouTube videos playing all at the same time. My poor laptop fan runs hard, but I can still feel my laptop warming up.

I’ve tried laptop stands before, but they just didn’t do much. They cooled things a few degrees, but that was it.

Over top view of the cooling pad.

Then, the llano RGB Laptop Cooling Pad made its way into my life. When I say this device is a game changer, it literally is. It features the following:

  • Perfect cooling effect
  • Dust-proof net to protect your laptop
  • USB hub extended
  • Adjustable bracket with suitable angle to protect an LCD computer
  • Memory foam
  • 100% pure copper fan
  • 36w external power supply
  • With or without RGB light

Super Simple Setup

I might love how complex technology is sometimes, but I hate devices that take forever to set up. The llano RGB Laptop Cooling Pad only has a few components. I had it set up and connected to my laptop in just a few minutes. Honestly, it took longer just to get everything out of the box.

Everything in the laptop cooling pad box.

The cooling pad comes with the pad itself, an extra filter (one’s already installed), a USB (A to C) cord, and the power cord. The USB cord allows you to connect the pad to your computer. It also works as a USB hub with three USB-A out ports. I may have done a little happy dance because of the extra ports.

Extra USB ports on the cooling pad.

Insanely Fast Cooling

I didn’t really believe the claims that the llano RGB Laptop Cooling Pad could cool a laptop by as much as 111℉ (44℃) in less than two minutes with its 5.5-inch turbo fan. I’m happy to admit, though, that when I received this laptop pad and started testing it, it more than lived up to the claims.

Personally, I love the sealed memory foam that keeps the laptop securely in place. Plus, two baffles with silicone buffers raise up to prevent the laptop from sliding forward. Since I made full use of the raisers (3 different heights), having that extra security made me feel much more confident using the pad.

Foam liner and buffer on the Llana Rgb Laptop Cooling Pad

Unfortunately, while the lowest height setting has a silicone pad under it to prevent the entire stand from sliding, the next two higher settings don’t. You’re left with only the bottom front of the stand having any grip. The entire stand did slide a little in the back from time to time.

Risers on the Llana Rgb Laptop Cooling Pad

But the best part is the cooling. I didn’t turn on the cooling pad immediately. Instead, I started up everything as I normally would and waited until I heard my laptop fan start humming away.

I used the Core Temp app for Windows to measure temperatures for this review. During my first run, my CPU was peaking around 95℉ (35℃). I held the power button on the pad for a few seconds, as directed, and the fan started at 300 (the lowest and default setting).

Core Temp app showing laptop heating up.

This cooled the laptop a little. But, when I bumped it up to 600, I had around a 10-degree drop in temperature in less than 15 seconds.

Core Temp showing initial cooling at 600 fan speed.

Cranking Up the Heat

While that was impressive enough, I decided to turn up the heat. I started using three browsers, had multiple YouTube videos playing, Spotify streaming, several Word docs open, and several other apps running. I did all this without the llano RGB Laptop Cooling Pad running.

After my CPU temp started rising above 109℉ (43℃), I turned the fan back on. At 600, I had around a five-degree drop. I tried bumping it up to 1,000. Around 30 seconds later, I watched in shock as my CPU temperature dropped over 20 degrees.

Core Temp showing cooled off CPU.

I’m not really much of a PC gamer. However, I can confidently say that this cooling pad is more than up to the task of keeping your laptop cool, no matter how much the game heats up.

The fan is obviously quieter on the lower settings. As I rolled the wheel to adjust the fan speed, it got gradually louder. I feel like the best balance between cooling and noise level is around 1,000. When you get to about 1,500, it gets a bit noisy. Of course, when you reach the max of 2,800, it sounds like you’re sitting next to a small box fan.

I’d highly recommend having some good headphones on hand if you need to crank up the fan and still hear your game or music or whatever you are listening to.

Looks as Cool as It Feels

The llano RGB Laptop Cooling Pad is doubly cool. It makes your laptop nice and chill, but isn’t just a bland block of plastic with a fan.

Front of laptop cooling pad at 600 fan speed and pink lights

The black stand has RGB lights around the entire outer edge. The honeycomb pattern in the back is also outlined in the lights. Much like many gaming accessories, you can set up an awesome light show.

I love being able to switch between light modes. For solid colors, you can switch between red, orange, purple, and blue. Or try flowing colors, breathing lights, gradients, or solid color or multicolor dynamics. There really isn’t a wrong choice.

Back of cooling pad with honeycomb design and lights

Even better, the cooling pad remembers your preferences. Whatever settings you choose stay in place when you turn it on the next time.

Cool and Extend Your Laptop’s Life

Llana Rgb Laptop Cooling Pad at 1400 fan speed and blue lights

A cooler running laptop lasts significantly longer than an overheated one. The llano RGB Laptop Cooling Pad provides exceptional cooling in seconds. Plus, it looks good with any gaming setup or just to add some color (and extra USB ports) to your desktop.

The llano RGB Laptop Cooling Pad is discounted to $103.99, but you can save an additional 20% with the code V12Black. Skip the RGB on the laptop cooling pad, discounted to $98.99, and save an additional 20% with the code V13Black.

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