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iOS 17.2: How to Easily Turn Off Inline Predictive Text

Apple released iOS 17.2 in December, and the update added new features, including the long-awaited Journal app, to iPhones. The update also gave you more control over some of your iPhone’s features. For example, iOS 17.2 lets you disable inline predictive text from showing up in Messages. 

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When Apple launched iOS 17 in September, one of the new features was inline predictive text. The feature predicts what you are going to write as you type (although not always accurately) and if you hit space, you add the suggested text automatically. If you accidentally hit space, you have to delete the word or phrase and start over. Some people — myself included — found the feature annoying, and Apple seemingly heard the complaints and allowed people to turn this feature off with iOS 17.2.

Here’s how to turn inline predictive text off.

Turn inline predictive text off

1. Open Settings
2. Tap General
3. Tap Keyboards
4. Tap the switch next to Show Predictions Inline

Now, when you type a message, you won’t run the risk of adding a word you don’t intend to add. You’ll still see predictive text, the suggested words and emoji, over your keyboard. 

Turn all predictive text off

A text message that reads hey I'm going to the gym and i'll be back around

You can turn all these suggestions off in a few easy steps.

Screenshot by Zach McAuliffe/CNET

If you find all predictive text annoying, you can easily turn that off, too. Here’s how: 

1. Open Settings
2. Tap General
3. Tap Keyboard
4. Tap the switch next to Predictive Text

When you type a message now, you won’t see a box over your keyboard with suggested words or emojis. Turning predictive text off also disables inline predictive text, so you won’t see any suggestions whatsoever. You can type without interruption.

For more on iOS 17, check out all the new features in iOS 17.3, features you may have missed in iOS 17.2 our iOS 17 cheat sheet.

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