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How to Share Content Wirelessly Across Android Devices

Google has partnered with Samsung to bring a new “Quick Share” Android feature. It is a rebranding of its existing “Nearby Share” feature that helps you share files and apps wirelessly with other Android devices in close proximity. Let’s learn more about this, and how it differs from Nearby Share and a Samsung feature with the same name.

What Is Quick Share on Android?

Quick Share is a rebranding of “Nearby Share,” a previous Android sharing feature. It will have the features of another “Quick Share,” which is available on Samsung phones. In a way, it combines the best of everything to bring a unified sharing experience.

Android’s latest wireless sharing feature allows Android users to exchange files, apps, and even long videos with one or more nearby Android users. It requires both the sender and receiver(s) to have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and location turned on.

It’s similar to Apple’s AirDrop feature, in that it’s a cross-platform file sharing mechanism covering Android smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks, and will become a preinstalled app on Windows laptops. Of course, the feature specific to Android phones is not going to be compatible with Apple AirDrop, and vice versa.

How to Use Quick Share on Your Android Device

The Quick Share icon will hold the feature menu and will be in the notifications bar on top of your Android phone screen. The icon will also be seen on tablets and PCs. As soon as all users click their respective Quick Share icons, they can view each other’s devices and send/receive the files in real time.

Follow these steps to use Quick Share on Android to share files and apps with any other Android device:

Click the Quick Share icon in the notifications area on top of the Android phone. Choose a Quick Share setting. If you don’t know your sender/receiver, set the Device visibility to Everyone. Otherwise, you can restrict it to your phone contacts.

Choose one or more images, videos, or other files.

As soon as you click Share, you will see a Quick Share button. The transfer will begin when the sender and receiver(s) click on it. The receiver(s) need to Accept the files being received.

Android Quick Share vs. Samsung Quick Share

The newly launched Android Quick Share is very similar, yet different, than the Quick Share feature on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. It is Samsung’s version of “AirDrop.”

Samsung Quick Share is accessible from Settings -> Advanced features on all Samsung devices. You can use it to share files with Samsung account users in your contact list, or any nearby Samsung user.

The Quick Share feature in Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

However, the new Android Quick Share is noticeably different than the Samsung feature of the same name. It allows you to:

  • Share files, photos, apps and videos across all Android phone models, not just Samsung.
  • Share your data with nearby Android tablets, Windows PC, Google TV, and other devices to be announced in the future.

Consequently, Samsung has announced that it will merge its own Quick Share feature with the newer, cross-platform compatible standard. As a Samsung device owner, you no longer have to deal with both “Quick Share” and “Nearby Share,” eliminating the confusion.

Quick Share vs. Nearby Share

The mechanism to share files using Nearby Share is explained in this guide. Unlike Samsung Quick Share, the Nearby Share feature is compatible with all Android phone models, version 6.0 and above.

The step-by-step process of how Nearby Share works on an Android phone to transfer files.

As good as Nearby Share is, the new Android Quick Share is a much-improved version of that. It has the following additional characteristics:

  • Compatible video formats: Android Quick Share quickly converts any incoming videos into playable formats on your current device.
  • Send files to multiple receivers simultaneously: Nearby Share let you share files with one Android device at a time. However, with the new Android Quick Share, you can send them to multiple receivers simultaneously.
  • View all available devices on share panel: view all the desired sharing devices on a single panel.
  • Link sharing history: review your previous link-sharing history.
Quick Share Vs Nearby Share: extra features of Quick Share

Quick Share will roll out to all Android phone models by February 2024 through a software update. As long as your Android phone has a Nearby Share feature, you will get Google’s official Quick Share update. Google plans to launch the new feature on multiple Android phone brands, Windows PCs, and Google TVs.

Did you know that you can also share files between an Android phone and smart TV? Apart from this latest Android sharing mechanism, there are still other Android and Windows sharing methods.

Image credit: Pexels. All screenshots by Sayak Boral.

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