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This Ankle Wearable Wants to Fix the Way You Walk

Smartwatches and fitness bands already do a great job of motivating you to work out and get your steps in. But the Evolve Mvmt, an ankle band that launched at CES, is all about measuring how you’re walking rather than how much you’re moving each day. 

The Evolve Mvmt aims to analyze your gait in real time by monitoring the way your heel strikes the ground while walking. The goal is to minimize impact to your joints. Wearables that attempt to promote safe exercise and recovery rather than just encouraging you to move have been a growing trend in the industry, although the Evolve Mvmt doesn’t come cheap at $499. It starts shipping on Jan. 9 and was shown for the first time at CES. 

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The device consists of a slim black band and a series of components for measuring metrics like striking and weight loading as you walk. The app takes a baseline after initially analyzing your steps through the setup process and coaches you to gradually increase your score over time. The higher above the baseline your score is, the better you’re performing. You can set profiles within the app for different types of shoes and various materials as well. So, for example, if you want to measure the way you walk in the boots you regularly wear to work, you can create a specific profile for that scenario. 


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The Evolve Mvmt app

The Evolve Mvmt app shows how your steps compare to your baseline.

Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

Although I haven’t had the chance to wear the Evolve Mvmt, founder and physiotherapist Luke Pickett demonstrated a simulation showing how the app can tell where your steps fall in relation to the baseline as you’re walking in real time. 

You can also use the Evolve Movement to measure steps and calories, but it’s the walking measurements that set it apart from wrist-worn wearables. 

The Evolve Mvmt app

The Evolve Mvmt band can measure the way you walk in real time. 

Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

The Evolve Movement is launching as there’s been increased attention on recovery and in wearables. While devices like the Whoop wristband have offered recovery metrics for a long time, companies like Samsung and Fitbit have only recently begun adding metrics that let you know whether you’re ready for a tough workout or need a break. 

Of course, the Evolve Movement isn’t meant to be a direct competitor to a smartwatch or fitness tracker. But it’s another sign that wearables are now trying to improve how you move and potentially prevent injury beyond just encouraging you to take some extra steps. 

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