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The Xbox Series X Is Back Down to Its Lowest Price Ever

Though it’s been over three years since they were first released, deals on next-gen consoles have been pretty slim since they hit shelves back in 2020. Which is what makes this Xbox Series X deal such an incredible bargain. Right now, you can pick up the latest and greatest Microsoft console for just $349 at Walmart, which saves you a whopping $150 compared to the usual price. And other retailers like GameStop, Amazon and Microsoft have it on sale for $400, which is still $100 off. Plus, there are some bundle deals available that can help you snag select games like Diablo IV and Forza 5 at a discount. However, all of these offers have been pretty touch-and-go since they went live, so we’d recommend getting your order in ASAP if you’re hoping to take advantage of these serious savings. 

If you aren’t familiar with the Xbox Series X, it’s Microsoft’s most powerful gaming console, with the ability to hit 4K resolution at high refresh rates. That’s compared with the Xbox Series S, typically a more budget-friendly offering that maxes out at 1080p. The Series X can also take game discs unlike the Series S, which is digital only.

If you don’t have a powerful gaming PC or prefer the console experience, the Series X is ideal, especially since you can use it to access Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and all the games on it. That means you can try games on a whim without shelling out as much as $70 per title, and with the 1TB of internal storage, you shouldn’t run into many space issues.

If you’d like to pick up a couple more accessories, like a controller or extra storage, check out our roundup of great Xbox deals. And if you’re on the hunt for some more games to grab, we’ve collected some of our favorite video game deals.

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