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George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards: New Graphic Novel Reveal

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George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards shared-world universe series continues with a new graphic novel arriving October 3. George R.R. Martin Presents: Wild Cards: Sins of the Father is written by Melinda M. Snodgrass and illustrated by Michael Komarck and Elizabeth Leggett, and io9 has a preview to share today.

Here’s what Sins of the Father is about, including some Wild Cards backstory if you’re unfamiliar with what it’s all about:

A cop on the trail of a bizarre murder uncovers a hidden conspiracy—and shocking secrets about his late father—in this original graphic novel set in George R. R. Martin’s shared-world universe, Wild Cards.

In 1946, an alien virus ravaged the world, its results as random as a hand of cards. From that fateful moment to the present day, those infected either draw the black queen and die, draw an ace and receive superpowers, or draw the joker and are bizarrely mutated.

Today, Aces, Jokers, and uninfected humans live in relative peace. Francis “Franny” Black is an uninfected human cop, trying to police a world filled with people with the extraordinary powers that he lacks. Newly—and some would say too suddenly—promoted to detective, he has been working out of Wild Card Central, the precinct in Jokertown where the bulk of the virus victims fell in 1946. Franny’s father was one of the heroes of the precinct, killed in the line of duty, and Franny is finding it hard to fill his dead father’s shoes. That is, until he’s given a particularly insidious case and starts uncovering long-buried secrets that his father might have died to protect.

Illustrated in a gorgeous, cinematic style by Michael Komarck and Elizabeth Leggett, this unique graphic novel is a visual feast certain to delight.

Scroll through for a look at the full cover and four pages from the graphic novel. You can order a pre-copy of George R.R. Martin Presents: Wild Cards: Sins of the Father here, ahead of its release October 3.

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