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Horizon Forbidden West battles its way to PCs in 2024

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Sony continues its mission to release first-party titles on PC, as the critically-acclaimed PS5 sequel Horizon Forbidden West is early next year. The port’s being handled by Nixxes Software, a company Sony purchased back in 2021. Nixxes was behind the well-received so we should be in good hands here.

This isn’t a bare-bones port. It’s the recently-announced Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, so expect plenty of bells and whistles. There’s the game itself, of course, but the update also includes a digital soundtrack, a digital artbook, a comic book and more in-game items than you can shake a spear at. You can check out some in-game screen shots

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition comes to PS5 first, on October 6, and costs $70. There’s no concrete release date for the PC version, other than early next year. It’s also worth noting that this edition is not coming to the PS4, despite the original game being available on the now-ancient console.

We praised Horizon Forbidden West citing the surprisingly fun underwater traversal mechanics, new power ups and the massive scope of the world, calling it a “triumph in many ways.” PC players can already wishlist the port on Steam and Epic. It remains to be seen if the game will run on the Steam Deck, but we’ll be sure to cross our fingers and give it a shot early next year. In any event, Marvel’s Spider-Man runs pretty well.

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