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LG is getting in on the flexible-screen laptop game with the Gram Fold

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LG has announced its first foldable laptop, making it the newest player in the industry to launch its entry for the growing (but still something of a niche) category. Similar to the ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold and the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, the LG Gram Fold is a touchscreen device that can be used as a massive tablet or a computer when fully unfolded. Users will get a 17-inch OLED screen with a QXGA+ (2560 x 1920 pixel) resolution when it’s used purely as a display, and they can link it to its accompanying Bluetooth keyboard if they want to use it as workstation. The device also supports stylus pens, so it can act like a traditional tablet for projects involving art, architecture and calligraphy.

When it is folded, the top part becomes 12-inch screen, while the bottom could turn into a keyboard for typing. LG says it tested the model and verified that it could withstand 30,000 folds without its display getting damaged. Samsung tests its foldable Galaxy phones’ hinges around 200,000 times, but most people likely access their phones a lot more than their computers or tablets within a day.

A 13th generation Intel Core i5 processor powers the LG Gram Fold, which is also equipped with a RAM that the company says is 15 times faster than an LPDDR5 5,200 memory. On the software side, the foldable laptop runs Windows 11 and comes with Sync On Mobile that makes it easy to transfer phone data to the device. The LG Gram Fold is scheduled for release in October, but only in Korea at the moment. It’s priced at 4.99 million won ($3,700) — not cheap, but still a lot more affordable than HP’s $5,000 Spectre Fold —though the first 200 customers can get it for 3.99 million won ($2,959). Further, only those who purchase the device at launch will get a mouse and a stylus as free gifts from the company, and the model will not ship with those accessories otherwise.

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