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Apple TV+ Sci-Fi Romance With Riz Ahmed

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Fingernails imagines a world where true love can be proven with the help of technology that ascertains what makes two people an ideal match. Sounds tidy, until a woman newly hired at a love-testing lab starts to fall for her co-worker… despite the fact that she’s already got a scientifically certified perfect partner at home.

That’s the set-up for Apple TV+ film Fingernails, a very charming-looking blend of dystopia and romance that approaches its sci-fi themes through lo-fi tech, and has an absolutely fantastic cast to carry its story. Check out the first trailer here.

Fingernails — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

That’s Jessie Buckley (The Lost Daughter), Riz Ahmed (Sound of Metal, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), and Jeremy Allen White (The Bear) as the unwitting love triangle, and Luke Wilson (Stargirl) as the boss who thinks he’s got the chemistry of chemistry all figured out. Fingernails marks the English-language debut for Greek director Christos Nikou (Apples), who also co-wrote the film.

Fingernails will play in theaters in New York and Los Angeles starting October 27; it will expand theatrically and hit Apple TV+ on November 3.

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