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Huawei and Chery Autos claim their first production EV bests the Tesla Model S

موقع شبرون للتقنية وأخبار العالم- متابعات تقنية:

is moving deeper into the electric vehicle business with the help of and now we know when the first production model from their joint venture will arrive. Luxeed is slated to debut its coupe-style S7 in China in late November, according to the .

Luxeed’s blend of Huawei’s tech and Chery’s manufacturing know-how could help the S7 to make a splash in an increasingly crowded EV market. There’s clearly some confidence in the car too. “It will be superior to Tesla’s Model S in various aspects,” Richard Yu Chengdong, head of Huawei’s car unit, said at an event.

The EV’s range, price and tech features weren’t disclosed at the event, the South China Morning Post noted. However, it emerged in August that the S7 will be based on state-owned Chery’s E0X platform, which is designed for two-motor, all-wheel-drive EVs.

This isn’t exactly Huawei’s first foray into EVs. The company collaborated with automaker Seres to create the Aito brand (which Huawei now fully owns) in 2021. Aito’s first all-electric model, the M5, arrived last year. Aito will start deliveries of its M9, a luxury electric SUV, in China in December. Huawei has also been supplying other automakers with its Huawei HI intelligent automotive solution that includes a 4D imaging radar and an autonomous driving platform.

Don’t expect to see Luxeed’s S7 make its way over to the US anytime soon, if ever, though. Huawei is still in the country.

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