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48,000 Costco Mattresses Recalled by FXI for Risk of Mold Exposure

Novaform has recalled two kinds of its mattresses sold exclusively at Costco, following reports of mold growing on the beds. According to a notice posted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Novaform mattresses “could have been exposed to water during the manufacturing process allowing mold to develop and posing a health risk to individuals with compromised immune systems, damaged lungs or an allergy to mold.”

The 48,000 recalled mattresses are the Novaform ComfortGrande 14-inch and Novaform DreamAway 8-inch mattresses. The ComfortGrande has a blue base and white lettering in the middle, spelling out Novaform. The DreamAway has a gray base and a white letters spelling out Novaform in the bottom right corner. The price of both mattresses range from $150 to $750.

If you own a Novaform ComfortGrande 14-inch mattress, look for the following ITM/ART numbers on the law tag attached to the mattress: 1413200, 1413201, 1413202, 1413203 or 1413204. 

If you own a DreamAway 8-inch mattress, look for these numbers: 1698562 or 1698564. 

How to get a refund or replacement  

The recalled mattresses were sold at Costco online and in store at Northwest United States and San Francisco Bay area locations. If you bought one of these mattresses between January 2023 through June 2023, you may own a recalled mattress. 

There have been 541 reports of mold. As of now, there are no reported illnesses or injuries in connection with this recall. 

If you own a recalled mattress, reach out to FXI to receive a full refund or a replacement. If you opt for a free replacement, FXI offers free delivery and will pick up the recalled mattress for you. Call FXI at (888) 886-2057 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, or online at https://novaformcomfort.com/pages/recall for more information.  

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