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Anker’s new MagGo lineup supports magnetic Qi2 charging

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Anker charging accessories are popular for good reason. They mirror many of the features found in first-party products and they’re often cheaper too. That goes for the company’s wireless MagGo lineup, which has been refreshed to include support for the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC) new Qi2 charging standard.

There are seven products in Anker’s new Qi2 MagGo range, including a 6,600mAh power bank that attaches to your phone and a compressible 3-in-1 fast-charging station for your AirPods, Apple Watch and 15-watt Qi2 phone charging. A new generation of Anker’s 8-in-1 charging station will also be available, with a pair of USB-A ports, another pair of USB-C ports, three plugs and a Qi2 phone charger.

Before now, Anker’s MagGo accessories were MagSafe compatible, rather than MagSafe certified, which meant they could only deliver 7.5-watt magnetic wireless charging instead of the full 15-watt output. Anker claims that its Qi2 MagGo product lineup is one of the first to be given a mark of full compliance through the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC) most recent Qi2 official certification, which builds on top of Apple’s tech.

Anker says that the effectiveness of each accessory is equal to Apple’s 15W MagSafe technology and should work with any Apple MagSafe iPhone products. However, it’s possible — though not confirmed — that Apple’s iPhone 15 offerings will feature Qi2 support, removing the need for MagSafe certification.

Anker’s new MagGo products are set to arrive in the fall, possibly around the same time Qi2-compatible phones will begin to hit the market.

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