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Dropout CEO Says Streaming Platform Will Start Production Again

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Image: Dropout

The ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes have made it so that Hollywood productions are largely ground to a halt, and other arms of the entertainment industry are similarly in stasis. Things have been a little murkier over in the Actual Play space, where actors play a roleplaying game on YouTube or another streaming platform. Some big names have elected to continue as normal, while others stopped entirely. Dropout, the streaming platform responsible for Dimension 20 and others shows like Game Changer, was notably one of the latter.

But earlier today on X, formerly Twitter, CEO Sam Reich confirmed that Dropout’s various productions are starting up again—and unlike Hollywood stars, the cast of its shows can promote their own work again. As he explains it, the belief in the early days of the SAG-AFTRA strike was that Dropout’s works were part of a New Media agreement that fell under strike purview. “After speaking at length with our lawyers and with SAG, turns out that is not the case,” said Reich. “Dropout can return to business as usual. And because our shows were never struck, talent can go back to promoting their Dropout appearances.”

Even as the Dropout shows are getting back to work, Reich made it clear that he and his company continue to stand with the striking writers and actors. He noted that smaller streamers like Dropout have “a competitive advantage and [put] more pressure on [major streamers] to make a deal.” And he confirmed that the company will respect anyone who elects not to work with them (or promote previously completed work) during this time. As the strike persists, he further pledged that Dropout will “continue to go above and beyond to reward and protect our performers *and* crew members, and plan to put even more of our money where our mouth is before the end of the year.”

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