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Apple Watch Series 8 Models See Up to $300 in Savings, but Probably Not for Long

The 2023 Apple Watch Series 9 is the latest model Apple has to offer, but it’s a fact that it isn’t all that different from the previous year’s Apple Watch Series 8. With that in mind, you might want to consider whether the older model is the better option for you — especially when you can find one at a great price.

The Apple Watch Series 8 remains one of the best smartwatches on the market, but the fact that it is no longer the newest model means that stocks are starting to run dry. There are currently a number of different configurations on offer, but you might need to pick the right color or size to get the best prices. Walmart’s 41mm models with cellular start from just $299 at the moment, while Amazon’s biggest discounts are on the larger 45mm model with cellular. You can bag that for just $500 today, but we don’t know how long that will be the case for.

Below is a collection of the most eye-catching deals we have found. But the prices are extremely volatile right now and can change without warning. Keep that in mind and make sure to check the price on-screen before ordering because they’re going up and down almost daily right now.



Though the Series 8 wasn’t a complete revolution over its predecessor, it has some upgrades over the Series 7, including a temperature sensor and ovulation tracking. It’s a great choice, particularly if you’re getting a smartwatch for the first time or are leveling up from one that’s a few generations old. And when it comes to the Apple Watch Series 9, there isn’t all that much that you’re going to miss out on by choosing the 2022 model, either.

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The Apple Watch Series 8 can track your workouts, temperature and sleep, has safety features like car-crash and fall detection, and allows you to get calls, notifications and reminders right on your wrist. Plus, you can use Apple Pay at the checkout. And while it may not have all the ruggedness of the Apple Watch Ultra, the Series 8 is crack-resistant, IP6X-rated dust-resistant and swim-proof with WR50 water resistance. The Apple Watch Series 8 isn’t the only model on offer, either, so be sure to check out our list of the best Apple Watch deals before ordering anywhere else.

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