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Get a WD 16TB External HDD for $210

If you’ve reached your limit on desktop data storage at home, or suspect that you will soon, Amazon has a Black Friday deal that could allay that predicament for a comparatively low price The company is offering the Western Digital 16TB Elements External Hard Drive for $210, a discount of more than 50% off its list price.

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This plug-and-play device offers fast data transfer speeds via USB 3.0, fast enough to flawlessly render 4K movies stored in network attached storage. I’ve bought several of these over the years in varying sizes at a range of prices. When I started out buying drives for my first NAS, $145 was the sweet spot for price for an 8TB drive, although you could occasionally find it for less — or a lot more, thanks to pandemic-related demand.

This deal offers twice that storage for about $60 more. If I didn’t already have two 14TB drives for my second NAS — I’ve literally reached my limit — I’d jump all over this one.

In addition to external storage, which you turn on and plug into your PC whenever you need it, these units are easy to shuck so you can use the drives for internal storage. It’s an exercise that often saves you a few bucks — just be sure to perform a diagnostic test on the drive before you start peeling off the plastic as shucking the drive will often void the warranty.

The drive is offered in other capacities, from 6TB to 22TBs, but this is by far the best value.

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