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How to Turn On Your Roku TV When You Can’t Find Its Remote

Have you lost or misplaced your Roku remote and need assistance turning on your Roku TV? It can be frustrating, but there are alternate methods to try before ordering a replacement remote. This guide explains how to turn on your Roku TV without a remote.

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1. Turn On Roku TV Using Roku Mobile App

You can easily control your Roku TV using the official Roku app without searching for your misplaced remote. First, you must verify that your Roku TV is connected to power and that your Roku TV and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, follow these steps:

Download and install the official Roku app from Google Play Store or the App Store. After launching the app, tap Skip until you see the sign-in screen. Tap Sign in, and enter your credentials to log in to your account.

Tap Sign in on the Roku app

The Roku app will detect that you have signed in and show the list of Roku devices on the network.

Tap on your device. You will see the Connected status on the screen. Tap the Remote icon to view the available controls on the remote app.

Tap Remote on your device

The Roku remote app has almost the same controls as the physical remote, except for the direct buttons for apps like Netflix, Vudu, etc. You can quickly launch any app that’s installed on your Roku TV by tapping Apps on Roku. You can also control the volume, move around the screen, and even use your smartphone keyboard to perform a search.

Tap power button on the Roku remote ap

Also helpful: you can control multiple Roku devices from the app, so you may want to invest in more Roku streaming devices throughout your home.

2. Using Power Button on TV

Some TVs have a physical power button, which you can use to turn on the Roku TV without a remote. Typically, the power button is located on the bottom or backside of the TV. However, it may vary based on the model and TV manufacturer.

The common locations to check for the power button are:

  • Back of the TV (right or left side)
  • Front of the TV (left, middle or right)
  • Middle underside of the TV

If you have the TV manual, use it to find the location of the power button.

Unfortunately, this method doesn’t give you many controls once you turn on the device. Instead, you will either need to use a different remote or operate everything using the buttons provided on the back of your television set.

3. Using Your Smart TV Remote (HDMI-CEC enabled)

Using the HDMI-CEC feature, you can control multiple devices from one remote. Popular brands like Samsung, LG, Sharp, Vizio, and Philips support HDMI-CEC. However, the name varies based on the TV model.

By default, the HDMI-CEC feature is turned off, and you need to enable it to control your Roku TV. For example, navigate to Settings -> General -> External Device Manager on Samsung TVs to turn on HDMI-CEC.

Select Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) to enable your smart TV remote to control your  Roku TV

Connect the Roku device to your smart TV using the HDMI cable, then, with your TV remote, select the HDMI source to which the Roku device is connected. The Roku TV will turn on automatically without a remote.

This method also gives you control over volume, selections, and more. It doesn’t include app controls like the Roku app, but you can work around this by using the arrow keys to move around your screen and select items.

Tip: be sure to choose the right TV for your home theater streaming experience.

4. Via Universal Remote

If the above methods do not work out, buy a universal remote, and program it for your Roku TV. You will need the use of the universal remote’s instruction manual.

Though it may not be possible to replicate the entire functionality of the Roku remote, you can configure buttons like Power, Volume, and Source selection on the universal remote. Refer to the Roku Support page to learn how to connect universal remotes to your Roku TV.

5. Buy a Replacement Roku Remote

Of course, you can buy a replacement from the official Roku website if you have lost or misplaced your Roku remote. However, the delivery may be unavailable based on your location.

If you are looking for an alternative to Roku TV, check out our recommendations on various models of Amazon Fire TV sticks.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons. Screencaps and images by Meenatchi Nagasubramanian.

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