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Shudder’s ‘Halloween Hotline’ Offers Horror Streaming Ideas

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When Evil Lurks hits Shudder October 27.
Image: Courtesy of Shudder and IFC Films. A Shudder and IFC Films release.

Shudder’s VP of programming, Sam Zimmerman, is billed as the streamer’s “in-house horror curator,” which not only means he has one of the coolest jobs around, it also means he’s uniquely suited to recommend what to watch. This Friday, October 27, you can ask him yourself thanks to the Shudder Halloween Hotline.

Here’s how it works: on Friday, October 27, from 1-3 PM Eastern Time, the hotline will be live. Call 212-324-3440 and tell Zimmerman your personal spooky preferences. He’ll “offer personalized picks for a perfectly scary weekend based on each caller’s mood and preference,” drawing on Shudder’s excellently gruesome library of films. A Shudder press release notes that “call volume is expected to be high so if you get a busy signal, please keep trying! We can’t promise every call will be answered but Sam will do his best to get to as many callers as possible in the hour.”

The Shudder Halloween Hotline is part of AMC’s “FearFest” celebration, which runs through the end of October; obviously, it’s horror time all the time for Shudder, but October does feature some special premieres, including V/H/S/85, Creepshow season four, and a couple of Joe Bob Briggs specials, which are already available, as well as the upcoming premieres of When Evil Lurks, Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor, and season five of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula.

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