14 of the Best Chrome Themes to Beautify Your Browser

For years, Google Chrome has allowed users to beautify the browser with hundreds, if not thousands, of themes. Let’s take a look at some of the best Google Chrome themes you can download right now.

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1. Sea Foam

Sometimes it’s good to keep things simple, and to that end, Google has a vast selection of subtly tinted themes that wouldn’t look out of place adorning the walls of a beautiful townhouse. Of these elegantly named themes, a personal favorite is Sea Foam, which has a gentle pale green color that instantly makes you feel at peace.


  • Light, soft color
  • No pattern
  • Great for ocean lovers

2. Into the Mist

How moody can you handle your Chrome themes? Perhaps a perfect theme for Halloween or for those who appreciate a brooding atmosphere, Into the Mist is a beautiful theme that doubles as a dark theme, making it much easier on the eyes when you’re browsing in the dark or in the evenings.


  • Beautiful dark theme alternative
  • Good for night browsing
  • Uncluttered nature theme

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3. Material Incognito Dark Theme

Using a dark mode is all the rage these in days in the tech world, so it’s fitting that a Google Chrome theme exists for that. Enter Material Incognito Dark Theme, which is the same color as Chrome’s incognito window, hence the name. If you have long been a fan of that color scheme and wished it was available in the regular Chrome window, your prayers have been answered.

Beautiful Chrome Themes Material Incognito Dark


  • Easier on the eyes
  • Simple, modern theme
  • Blends well if your device has dark mode enabled

4. Beauty

If you want a sense of tranquility every time you open your browser, the Beauty theme is what you need. The developer says it best: a “bright pink sunset, green plains and hilly forests … will make you open your favorite browser again and again.” There is just something incredibly serene about how this looks in Chrome. When you open your browser, you may forget what you want to do for a second or two. It’s so easy to get caught up in the beauty of the theme’s wallpaper.

Best Chrome Themes Beauty


  • Serene nature theme
  • Feels more like a window than a theme
  • Great for nature lovers

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5. Galaxy-View

Space truly is the final frontier with the Galaxy-View theme. There has always been something wondrous about looking up at the stars and knowing how small Earth is in the greater universe. This theme will remind you of that as you look up from the comfort of a beautiful forest and see the galaxy in all its beauty.

Best Chrome Themes Galaxy View


  • A darker theme without being black
  • Ideal for space and nature lovers
  • Offers a tranquil moment while browsing

6. Iron Man-Material Design

While the Marvel movie character has long since met his untimely end, he lives on forever with the Iron Man-Material Design Chrome theme. The muted colors and vision of Iron Man ready to do battle will forever be enjoyable to view, as you open a new browser tab. Following the material design concept ensures that it will continue to look great even as Google enhances Chrome well into the future.

Best Chrome Themes Iron Man


  • Simple color scheme
  • Elegant way to showcase your love of Marvel
  • Uncluttered

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7. Colors

For anyone who wants a little vibrancy in their life, the Colors theme will do just that. It will either distract you or provide a sense of colorful wonder. Every time you open a new tab, you will be met with a rainbow of color splotches. While this beautiful Google theme is mostly focused on the background wallpaper and not the address bar, it remains a large step up from the default theme.

Beautiful Chrome Themes Colors


  • Perfect if you want to keep most of the page clear
  • Brightly colored without being cluttered
  • Has an abstract feel

8. Blue/Green Cubes

Blue and green hues blend perfectly in the Blue/Green Cubes theme. The 3D style cube mosaic gently drifts from a sea blue to a more vibrant green. Escape from the boring white screen and add a little extra color to Chrome. Don’t worry, though, as this theme is still elegant and beautiful without getting in the way of your shortcuts.

Best Chrome Themes To Beautify Your Browser Blue Green Cubes


  • Elegant color scheme
  • Muted tones that are easy on the eyes
  • 3D feel

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9. Lone Tree

Another Chrome theme that begs for serenity, Lone Tree adds a feel to your browser that is entirely unique. Everything from the address bar to the wallpaper will be touched with light touches of color that emanate from the main image. There is just something beautiful about opening up the browser and staring at the beauty of a single tree.

Best Chrome Themes Lone Tree


  • Elegantly simple
  • Works well with dark mode on devices
  • Glimpses of the sun add extra beauty

10. Indescribable

Of all the names that could be the right fit for this Chrome theme, Indescribable is about as perfect as it gets. For those weeks and months when a vacation is not practical, the beauty of this theme will transport you to somewhere magical. The sun, the ocean and the palm trees are all begging you to visit, while providing a sense of joy and tranquility.

Beautiful Chrome Themes Indescribable


  • Makes you think of a staycation
  • Tranquil scenery
  • You can almost hear the ocean

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11. Isle of Skye Scotland

Need a little more sun and nature in your daily life? If you’re shut up in an office all day, try the Isle of Skye Scotland theme. It’s one of the most beautiful Google Chrome nature themes, with its stunning view of Scotland. The sun breaking through the clouds to illuminate the nearby water is just the icing on the proverbial cake.

Best Chrome Themes To Beautify Your Browser Isle Skye Scotland


  • Beautiful view of nature
  • Adds some sun to dark offices
  • Makes you want to book a trip to Scotland right now

12. Moon and Clouds

There’s just something beautiful and peaceful about pastel paintings. With Moon and Clouds, your browser goes from plain to soft, fluffy pink clouds with a crescent moon and some stars peeking through. The entire theme looks like a pastel painting, with various hues of pink, purple, and even yellowish-orange mixed in. The word “Google” tends to blend in a bit, but otherwise, it’s perfect.

Best Chrome Themes To Beautify Your Browser Moon And Clouds


  • Gorgeous pastel hues
  • A more colorful night theme
  • Makes the screen look like a canvas painting

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13. Bits + Pieces

Sometimes you just need more color in your life, and Bits + Pieces delivers. It features more bold colors and shapes than any of the other Google Chrome themes on this list. According to the creator, it represents diverse voices all coming together to create a better world. While you may not see that deep of a message, it’s still a stunning theme.

Best Chrome Themes To Beautify Your Browser Bits Pieces


  • Colorful play on the black theme
  • Vibrant colors
  • Signifies better human connections

14. The Scenic Route

If you love nature but don’t want just a picture of some random place, try The Scenic Route. It’s the perfect blend of nature with a simple dark green background. In fact, the green is deep enough to almost qualify as a dark theme. But it’s accented beautifully with flowers, a butterfly, and insects on the left half.

Best Chrome Themes To Beautify Your Browser Scenic Route


  • A half/half theme with an image and solid sides
  • Colorful nature theme that’s not a photo
  • Ideal for kids and adults alike

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This list barely scrapes the surface of the thousands of themes Google has made available in its Web Store. No matter what theme you choose, you can beautify your browser in a way that is all your own. You could find a Chrome extension that automates boring browsing tasks or Chrome flags to improve your browsing experience.

Image credit: Unsplash

Crystal Crowder

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