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Google Chrome Just Got These New Features on Mobile

If you use Chrome on a mobile device, it might be easier for you to quickly find more information each time you search. Google said Wednesday that it was releasing four new features for its mobile Chrome app, including the ability to see trending search topics and seeing more search suggestions.

Nick Kim Sexton, Chrome’s product manager, wrote in a post that the new features should make it easier to find information when you’re on the go.

Here are the new features you might see in your Chrome mobile app.

See related searches

Chrome's suggestions for other searches related to a webpage with suggestions for what to do in Lake Como

In case you were wondering, you can swim in Lake Como.

Zach McAuliffe/CNET

If you’re planning a trip to Lake Como and are looking at a webpage about the best things to do there, you can now tap the address bar and pull up other searches related to that webpage. Chrome might suggest searches for hotels in Lake Como or if you can swim in Lake Como. 

This feature is rolling out on iOS and Android now.

Trending search topics

Android users can now see trending search topics in the Chrome address bar. Just open the Chrome app, tap the address bar and scroll down to see Trending searches. You can tap on any of these topics to start a search on it and see why it’s trending. 

Google said this feature is available on Android devices now and will be available on iOS later this year.

See related searches with Touch to Search

Touch to Search on Android lets you quickly search for a word or phrase on a webpage. Now, Android users can use Tap to Search to see related searches, too. Selecting a word or phrase will now pull up a carousel at the bottom of the page with searches related to that word or phrase.

More search suggestions

A search for 'shoes' in Chrome showing 10 suggestions

The fact that “shoestring fries” is so low is a shame.

Zach McAuliffe/CNET

When you started searching for something in the Chrome app before, you’d get six suggestions. Now, you’ll see 10 suggestions by scrolling down the page. That’s not a huge differences, but it might help you see more related suggestions you wouldn’t have thought of before. While this feature was already available in Android devices, it’s now available in iOS. 

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