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Samsung’s SmartThings Station Is Ready for Your iOS Devices

Smart-home standard Matter promises to bring together all, or at least the majority, of our smart devices and the once-somewhat-exclusive ecosystems they use, but we haven’t reached total unity just yet. Samsung and Apple helped to close the gap a bit further, however, as the Samsung SmartThings app for iOS was recently updated to support Matter, according to 9to5Mac. 

That means Samsung’s new SmartThings hub, the SmartThings Station, can be used to connect and control iOS devices, and you can use your iPhone or iPad to control devices connected to the SmartThings platform. Previously, only Android devices could control SmartThings-connected devices.

Introduced earlier this year at CES 2023, the SmartThings Station is designed to serve as a headquarters for connected smart devices, enabling you to manage or automate them from a single point. It’s also, conveniently, a powerful wireless charger that’ll send you a notification when your device is fully charged. 

The SmartThings Station will be available in white or black and is expected to launch sometime in February. Pricing isn’t available yet. Stay tuned for more details about the Samsung SmartThings Station and other new smart devices from Samsung.

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